Do Physics...

At Xaviers.

We have made a number of innovations to make learning interesting and engaging.

Augmented Syllabi

No. Of courses : 20 (BSc), Revision : Almost 100 % for all


FYBSc : Fundamentals, SYBSc : New skills, TYBSc : Applications

Zero Rote Learning

We ask : Analyse, Apply, Comprehend,

We avoid : Define, Derive etc.


Students are forced to get deeper in the subject matter.

Integrated Laboratory

Strong correlation between theory and experiments, New Experiments developed / introduced (BSc ) : 44


Better understanding of theory, Better hands on training

Contemporary Learning

Literature Review, SYBSc and TYBSc : 1 per course, Research Papers from last 5 years


Exposure to new research


Semester long Project, Mini research, Exposure to synopsis and thesis writing


Application to real life, Developing new/low cost techniques

Project Based Learning

1 small project per course, 20 Projects in 3 years,


Independent Thinking, ability to take Initiative & Lab Skills

Promoting Academic Talent

PROBE (Student Research Seminar), 54 posters / 12 Oral presentations in 2020

Jigyasa (Exhibition), 51 Exhibits in 2020.

Competitive, External Judging


Showcasing and Appreciating scientific / academic talent

New Courses

4 New Courses in UG, Astronomy, Acoustics (SY), Digital Image Processing, Applied Physics (TY)

PG (MSc) Course in Physics


Industry Specific, Contemporary, Research oriented

Mastering Applications

3 Assignments per course, All are application Based, Evaluated in end semester exam.


Better learning of applications, Better concept understanding, Helps in entrance exams

Make Your own CV

For students CV matters when they apply for PG/PhD courses or a for a job. Here they have an opportunity to choose project topics to propel their career. For example, if one is interested in astrophysics he/she can select project topics of different courses which leads to astrophysics and make a unique CV for their future progress. What more? They can also control the difficulty level of their project making learning suitably paced.